Web Service Architectures and Programming

Short Course Description

Web services, cloud computing and remote access of data are becoming the standard in day-to-day engineering, requiring today’s engineers to understand this topic to effectively leverage and execute their projects and initiatives.

This 8-hour live seminar provides participants with an in-depth overview of web service architecture and best practices in web service design.

Working knowledge of computer architecture is required.


After completing this short course, students will gain knowledge in

  • Databasing (relational and non-relational)
  • Web technology stacks
  • Computational cloud tools
  • Content-versioning
  • Short, concise examples on setting up your own web service for file sharing
  • Data telemetry
  • Data visualization on the web


BJ Yurkovich
BJ Yurkovich is a principle investigator and researcher at the Center for Automotive Research and actively participates in new technology venture development and software-system oriented product design at Technicity LLC.  

Yurkovich has designed and led the development of applications including engineering analysis tools and protocol translation software systems, cyber-security oriented systems, data-driven, user-based web 
applications, embedded software systems, numerical computation and simulation applications, and transaction-based network systems. He holds degrees from Ohio State in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science.