Systems Dynamics Prep

Short Course Description

Systems Dynamics is an online short course taught from a mechanical engineering perspective and presents material that is typical in an accredited ME degree such as mathematical modeling of the dynamic response of mechanical, electrical, fluid and thermal systems. 

Models of mechanical and hydraulic devices and systems, linear dynamic system modeling and 
analysis methods and nonlinear systems and simulation methods also are presented.

This 16-hour non-credit short course is recommended as a refresher before enrolling in the graduate automotive courses in the CAR certificate program, particularly ME7236 and ME7384. A background in linear differential equations, basic circuits, statics and dynamics, thermodynamics, and elementary fluid mechanics is required.


After completing this seminar students will have gained knowledge in the following areas:

  • Equations of motion form free-body diagrams
  • Electromechanical energy conversion 
  • Fluid flow and fluid thermal systems
  • Gears and Clutches
  • Hydraulics and Turbomachines


Giorgio Rizzoni
Giorgio Rizzoni has served in his current role as director for the Center for Automotive Research since 1999, while holding faculty appointments in both Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE) and Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE). He has been continuously engaged in graduate and undergraduate curriculum development on subjects related to system dynamics, mechatronics, powertrain modeling, hybrid-electric vehicles and system fault diagnosis. Rizzoni is a three-time recipient of the MAE External Advisory Board Excellence in Teaching Award and in 1996 received the College of Engineering Stanley Harrison Award for Excellence in Engineering Education.



Cheena Srinivasan
Cheena Srinivasan, professor of mechanical and electrical engineering received his PhD from Purdue University. He prevously served as chair of the Ohio State Department of Mechanical Engineering. His research interests include automatic control, fluid power and application to automotive powertrains, control of manufacturing processes and mechanical systems.