Matlab/Simulink Prep

Short Course Description

Matlab/Simulink Prep is an eight hour online seminar that provides an overview of Matlab/Simulink basic functions and is specifically designed to meet the Matlab/Simulink requirements for students enrolling in  the Powertrain and Advanced Propulsion courses including  ME7236 Powertrain 
Dynamics, ECE5554 Powertrain Control Systems, ME7384 Energy Modeling, Optimization and Control of Hybrid Vehicles and ME7383 Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage Systems for Automotive Applications. 

Theme examples of powertrain components are used to prepare students for course homeworks and projects. Matlab toolboxes used in the powertrain and advanced propulsion courses also are covered.

A undergraduate background in mechanical or electrical engineering is required for this non-credit seminar.


After completing this course students will be able to:

  • Understand concepts in modeling and control needed for powertrain and advanced propulsion certificate courses 
  • Demonstrate competence in modeling and control concepts needed for powertrain and advanced propulsion courses
  • Use Matlab/Simulink functions and toolboxes to complete homework assignments in automotive graduate courses.


BJ Yurkovich
BJ Yurkovich is a principle investigator and researcher at the Center for Automotive Research and actively participates in new technology venture development and software-system oriented product design at Technicity LLC.  

Yurkovich has designed and led the development of applications 
including engineering analysis tools and protocol translation software 
systems, cyber-security oriented systems, data-driven, user-based web 
applications, embedded software systems, numerical computation and simulation applications, and transaction-based network systems. He holds degrees from Ohio State in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science.


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Offering: Autumn, Winter, Spring & Summer