Linear Systems Prep

Short Course Description

Linear Systems Prep is an eight hour online preparatory seminar that serves as a primer on topics related to linear dynamical systems and applied linear algebra at an advanced undergraduate level. 

Taught from a systems perspective, tools for analysis of linear systems lead to an introduction of concepts of feedback control and estimation using state-variable methods. 

Knowledge of differential equations and elementary linear algebra is required, along with familarity with basics of matrix analysis, including elementary matrix operations, vector spaces and matrix operations. 

This non-credit seminar is recommended for students enrolling in the ME8272 Fault Diagnostics course.


After completing this course students will have a functional understanding of state variables and linear systems with focused competencies in:
• Applied linear algebra
• Fundamental concepts of linear systems
• System stability
• Controllibility and observability
• State feedback control
• State estimation and observers
• Optimal state feedback control


steve yurkovich
Steve Yurkovich is an emeritus professor of electrical engineering at the Ohio State Center for Automotive Research and currently holds the Louis Beecherl Distinguished Chair in Engineering at The University of Texas at Dallas, where he is also head of the Department of Systems Engineering.

Yurkovich is also a fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics 

His research has focused on the theory and applications of control systems in numerous application areas. He has been an author on approximately 250 technical publications in journals, edited volumes and conference 
proceedings. He has authored and co-authored three text books.