Fullstack Systems Engineering Bootcamp

Short Course Description

Fullstack Systems Engineering Bootcamp is an intensive three-part series designed to prepare today’s mobility-oriented engineer in the concepts implementation of connected mobile systems.

Learn how production web-connected software systems are implemented to tie vehicles and other mobile devices together in real time. 

Module 1 focuses on the tools used to implement scalable, real-time connected systems that are deployed in today’s production environment, starting with an electric vehicle simulator implemented in python. 

Ten short prep videos are available to help you review basic engineering concepts essential to successful completion of the bootcamp. Experience with Matlab/Simulink, understanding of vehicle architectures and energy systems as well as problem solving with software are required.


Module 1 of the series is a 20-hour introduction to current tools and implementations that will teach you how to:

  • Setup a development toolchain used by the majority of today’s software engineers
  • Implement a RESTful backend software system connected to a running vehicle simulator
  • Implement a mobile app and web UI to interface with a backend you build
  • Implement scalable relational and non relational databases to store your data


BJ Yurkovich
BJ Yurkovich is a principle investigator and researcher at CAR and actively participates in new technology venture development and software-system oriented product design at Technicity LLC.  BJ holds degrees from Ohio State in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science.







andy garcia
Andy Garcia works as a full stack software developer at Technicity LLC. He has prior experience working as a control systems engineer at General Motors. Andy earned a BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering from Ohio State.