Battery Composition and Safety

Short Course Description

Designed for training utility company employees, this eight-hour live seminar introduces battery cells and chemistries, thermal limitations with a focus on Li-Phosphate technology, limitations on battery charging/discharging, best practices for testing Li-Ion batteries and best practices for battery assembly. Advances in battery technology, battery aging and energy usages in electric vehicles is also presented.

CAR has considerable experience with battery storage systems for grid and transportation applications including safety and life cycle testing of batteries developed for both vehicle and grid energy storage. In particular, CAR has performed life and safety testing of Li-Phosphate batteries.

Working knowledge of energy grid storage is recommended.

Live short courses can be customized to fit the needs of your organization!


After completing this seminar, students will gain knowledge in

  • Battery composition and chemistry
  • Li-Ion battery chemistry and Lithium-Fe-Phosphate battery chemistry
  • Battery system architecture
  • Safety, cooling and assembly
  • Battery aging and advances in battery technology
  • Metal-air (Li-Air) batteries
  • Energy density projections for Li-Ion batteries 
  • Electric vehicles and battery packs


BJ Yurkovich
BJ Yurkovich is a principle investigator and researcher at the Center for Automotive Research and actively participates in new technology venture development and software-system oriented product design at Technicity LLC.  

Yurkovich has designed and led the development of applications including engineering analysis tools and protocol translation software systems, cyber-security oriented systems, data-driven, user-based web applications, embedded software systems, numerical computation and simulation applications, and transaction-based network systems. He holds degrees from Ohio State in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science.