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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I find the schedule of elearning courses and seminars offered by the Center for Automotive Research (CAR)?

A. The course and seminar pages list the elearning curriculum offered by CAR. Each description also shows the semester when the course or seminar is offered.

Q. How do I register for elearning courses and seminars in engineering at OSU?

A. If your company is sponsoring the graduate credit course at OSU, you will enroll through the OSU Office of Distance Education & Elearning (click registration for detailed instructions) because students are enrolled as a group and your company pays for the entire group of employees taking the course.

Students who self-pay tuition will enroll in distance engineering courses through Buckeye Link, using the same registration and payment process as on campus students use. Ohio State's new distance education policy has eliminated out-of-state tution and now charges a $105 distance learning fee in addition to the course tuition. Distance students will NOT have to pay additional fees that on campus students pay for busing, recreation facilities, and health insurance.

Registration for non-credit seminars is completed through the CAR Distance Education Office at 614-688-8574 or

Q. How will I access elearning course and seminar materials?

A. Course materials will be distributed via video streamed lectures posted to the course web site on CARMEN or on DVDs that are shipped to international students who do not have consistent Internet connectivity. After your registration is processed, you will need to activate your OSU Internet ID (name.#) with the Ohio State Office of Information Technology at Once your OSU Internet ID is activated, you can access course materials at

Non-credit seminars can be delivered online, on DVD or live at your company. Seminars do not currently use the CARMEN course management site and you do not need an OSU Internet ID to access seminar materials.

Q. What types of software programs will I need for engineering elearning courses and seminars?

A. The course video lectures are streamed through Mediasite on OSU's learning managment system (LMS) and are delivered on DVD in mv4 and Flash formats. To access the streamed lectures posted in the OSU course management system, CARMEN, you will need a web browser such as Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer.

Lectures for the newer professional development seminars are recorded in an HD video format that plays automatically from the Streaming Portal on this site. If you are viewing seminar lectures on DVD, you will need to have Flash installed on your computer.