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To view course and seminar descriptions and schedules, use the course and seminar links at the top the page. New students to Ohio State University should register for a credit course a month before classes begin to ensure admission to the OSU Graduate School and access to the course web site on CARMEN by the start of the semester.

Options for Enrollment

If you are enrolling for a distance engineering credit course & are paying your own fees, go to Buckeye Link to register and pay for the course.

If you are enrolling in a distance learning credit course authorized by your company, complete the step-by-step instructions below for submitting your registration through the OSU Office of Distance Education & Elearning.

If you enrolling in a non-credit seminar, contact the CAR Distance Education office at 614-688-8575 or to register and pay.

New Graduate Students

You must be enrolled in the Graduate School at Ohio State to receive graduate credit for the Engineering Distance Education courses. If you have never attended Ohio State University, you first must be admitted to the Graduate School before you can register for an engineering distance course. Follow the Graduate Non-Degree Application process below if you are new to Ohio State.

Graduate Non-Degree Application for Admission to OSU Graduate School:

Print this information and follow the five steps listed below when completing the application.

  1. Application link: Please read and follow all information and instructions under “Getting Started” and “Apply Online” on the Application Menu. Also, please select “Columbus” for the campus desired. International applicants: please note the information and requirements regarding TOEFL.
  2. Please select “CED Contract Course” on the application ONLY if you are enrolling in a class sponsored by your company.
  3. Proof of highest degree (bachelor’s minimum) is required. Proof of degree must either be a copy of your diploma (preferred) or a copy of your official transcript. Proof of degree can be scanned and attached to the application. If you do not attach your proof of degree to the online application you will need to fax the documentation to the Graduate Admissions Office (FAX: 614-688-3593). Please note that you will need to submit proof of highest degree documentation as part of the application even if you previously submitted proof of degree to your course coordinator. Proof of degree is not required if your degree is from Ohio State University.
  4. Submit the $40 application fee online ($50 for international students) by selecting “Credit/Debit Card” under payment method. Please note that you cannot be admitted and registered without payment of the application fee.
  5. Please contact the Graduate Admissions Office, phone: 614-292-9444 or e-mail:, if you have questions or problems completing the application or if you have questions about submitting your proof of degree. When the OSU Graduate School confirms your admission, you can register for the credit course sponsored by your employer using the following instructions:

Credit Course Registration Through the Office of Distance Education and Elearning

  1. Click Contract Course Registration to access the ODEE contractual outreach registration form.
  2. Please read all instructions and registration requirements.
  3. You will find the Grades and Transcript information in Section III.
  4. Complete the online registration form by filling out all applicable and required fields.
  5. Submit the form electronically by clicking the "submit" button at the end of the form.
  6. Print a copy of the completed registration form for your records.
  7. E-mail Lauren Evans at that you have submitted your online registration form. You will receive an e-mail message confirming the receipt of your registration.
  8. Contact Lauren Evans by e-mail if you have any questions about your registration.
  9. Contact the College of Engineering Learning office at or 614-688-8574 for questions.

After your registration has been processed for the course:

If you are taking your first distance learning course at Ohio State, your next step is to activate your OSU Internet ID for access to course materials and university e-mail.

Your OSU Internet ID should be ready for activation 4-7 days before your class begins if you registered and paid by the deadline posted above for distance learning courses.

First, activate your OSU Internet ID at, then you can use your OSU Internet ID and password to access distance education course materials at Once you log into the course, click the "Content" heading at the top of the page to navigate to course materials.