Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where can I find course and seminar schedules?

A. Credit Courses

    Certificate Programs


Q. How do I register for distance education courses and seminars?

A. Registration information for all course options can be found here.

Q. How will I access distance education course and seminar materials?

A. Course materials will be distributed online via streamed lectures on OSU's two learning management platform CARMEN (credit courses and Scarlet Canvas (non-credit seminars). After your registration for a credit course is processed, you will need to activate your Ohio State ID with the Ohio State Office of Information Technology at Once your Ohio State ID is activated, you can access course materials at

For non-credit seminars, students will receive an email from Scarlet Canvas with instructions on setting up an account to access content. You will be able to use a work or personal email address to set up the account and do not need an OSU ID.

Q. What types of software programs will I need for distance education courses and seminars?

A. The course video lectures are streamed on Ohio State's learning management system. To access the streamed lectures posted in the Ohio State course management system, CARMEN, you will need a web browser such as Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer.

Lectures for the non-credit seminars are also streamed from Scarlet Canvas and require a web browser and high-speed Internet connection to view the content.